Vladimir Šojat: Persistent and Unblinking — A Survey on the Characters in Documentary Cinema

Friday, November 8th at 7 p.m.
Sprat Café, Cetinjska 15

Igor M. Toholj (film director, editor of the DKSG film program, editor of the edition), Vladimir Bjeličić (art historian, preface writer) and Vladimir Šojat (author of the book).

In the last decade, the dizzying success of documentaries has been reflected in the rapid increase in the number of viewers, both in commercial cinemas and in specialized film festivals. New circumstances have opened up space for analysis of the elements of cinematic expression in this film form, as well as for exploring a range of questions, starting with whether all the characters in the documentaries are fictional. Furthermore, can objects, plants, and animals be movie characters? Can a criminal be persuaded to speak publicly about his crime even though he has not been trialed for the crime? How to make a movie about illegal immigrants without being deported by the police after the screening? Who is the hero of the digital age? What can be the connection between Hitler’s secretary and the blind Filip Višnjić? And finally — at what level can a universal story unknown to the general public receive universal value?

Vladimir Šojat, filmmaker, editor, and video artist, through a series of lectures held at the Student Cultural Center in Belgrade in 2017 and 2018, “was indulged in spotting, researching, comparing, and building multilayered interpretations of selected accomplishments, with the ultimate goal of making a different perspective on different documentary film approaches and poetics”, as Vladimir Bjeličič quotes in the preface of this edition, adding that the atmosphere of his lectures was very stimulating to generate new practical and theoretical film discourses. The content of these lectures was published in a book in October of this year.

Publisher: Student Cultural Center // 2019 // page number 158 //



Vladimir Šojat is a film and TV editor, graduated at Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. He’s a film director, visual artist and a founding member of the Artterror film and video production (www.xtendedmind.com). Author of a many short and experimental films, video works and art projects that have been shown at festivals and exhibitions in Serbia and worldwide (Europe and the USA).

He became interested in film theory by attending lectures led by film professor and theorist Dušan Stojanović. In 1990, Šojat defended his graduation thesis Off prostor na filmu.

In 2011, he delivered a series of lectures on Working Class on Film as a guest lecturer at the University of Malmo, Sweden. He is the founder of the film production Fractions. (www.fraction.com)

He lives and works in Belgrade.