Since 2016, Free Zone jury is giving awards for:

  •  best engaging film in international selection
  •  best engaging film in regional selection
  •  best film in 14+ selection
  •  Human Rights Award
  •  Audience Award


Simona Nobile works as a script consultant, screenwriter and trainer for Italian and international
production companies, European training programmes and EU funding bodies. She is external
expert for Eurimages, Creative Europe MEDIA Programme and  member of the Selection Committee
of the Italian MIBACT (public national funding). Working as a story editor for international co-
productions, she has been responsible for the scouting of several European talents and the
development of their feature projects.

Jelena Angelovski graduated from the Academy of Arts, department of acting and she has MA
degree from/of the Faculty of political sciences with the focus on political differences. She has
been working in the creative industries for the past 15 years, while in the film industry she is
mostly dedicated to independent filmmaking. In 2016 she produced her debut film “Wind”
directed by Tamara Drakulic which was screened at the numerous international film festivals.
She is currently involved in the production of many regional documentary and feature films.
From 2017 she works as a producer at the DigitalKraft.

Vladan Petkovic (born in Belgrade in 1978) is a journalist, film critic, festival programmer, translator and educator. He is the correspondent for the territories of former Yugoslavia for Screen International and Cineuropa, and regularly writes news, reviews, interviews, and market analyses for various magazines and websites. He is a programmer for the Cinema City Film Festival in Novi Sad (Serbia), Skopje Film Festival (Macedonia), and Mostar Film Festival (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and contributes as guest programmer and advisor for numerous international film festivals around Europe.



Matjaž Ivanišin (b. 1981) is working as a freelance filmmaker. Both, his short films made during his study at the Slovene national film school, as well as documentaries, which he directed after his graduation in 2007, were screened at festivals around the world and received there several awards.

Aleksandra Milovanović PhD is assistant professor at Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade. She edited documentary films and series: The other side of everything (Turajlić 2017), Cinema Komunisto (Turajlić 2011), Vukovar, Final Cut (Baljak 2006), Abduction (Markov 2003), Insider (Stanković 2008-2014, 45 episodes). She published the book Imaginary Field of Film Image, Cognition and Interpretation (2011) and teoretical papers: Protests in Serbia: from documentary films to social networks (2017), Virtual Culture and Digital Distribution of Media Texts (2017), Power and Responsibility Documentary Films: RTV Belgrade 1990–1995 (2016), etc. She is a member of NECS and DokSerbia.

Marko Grba Singh was born in 1988. in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. He is currently on PhD studies in Film directing at the Faculty of Dramatic arts in Belgrade. He made several music videos for Serbian rock and pop bands. His short documentaries “At Least We’ve Met” and “Pale” had its world premiere at 2012 and 2013 Visions du reel festival in Nyon, Switzerland.
His first mid-length film “Abdul & Hamza“, was in competition in 2015 edition of FID Marseille, winning ‘Special mention of the jury’ in first film competition. At the beggining of April 2016. as a part of the Looking China project, he made a short docuficiton film called “Stars of Gaomeigu” in Yunnan, China. The film won Most innovative short film award at Visions du Reel in 2017. His short film ’’If i Had It My Way I Would Never Leave’’ was screened on 2017 Cannes film festival in ACID section. He was a student jury member at the 2016 San Sebastian film festival.



Mihailo Živanović was born in Belgrade in the year 1999. He is active in illustrations, graphic design, writing and digital arts.

Ana Deljanin, born in Belgrade in 2001, is a student of the School of Pharmacy and Physiotherapy. Her hobby was acting and she likes to watch TV series and films. She is interested in languages, dance, medicine and life.

Nemanja Kozlina was born in Belgrade in 2000. He is actively pursuing photography, mostly he likes to take photos of concerts and gigs, and also often volunteers as a photographer. His photo “Time” will be exhibited at The Youth Exhibition Ivanovo 2017.

Branislav Beković is 17 years old and he lives in Belgrade. He is a student of the third year of the School of Pharmacy and Physiotherapy, the Department of Pharmacy Technician. He is a big film fan.

Đorđe Bakoč is 17 years old and he is high school senior at the Eighth Belgrade Secondary School. He activelz pursued acting for years and plans to start his studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences, at the Department of Journalism.

Sergej Sokolov was born in Pirot in 1999. He writes and performs music in several alternative bands and he is a music critic. Also, he is very passionate about art and philosophy.

Ana Stojmenović is a fourth grade student of the Second Economy School in Belgrade. For her films present a journey to some new spaces and worlds which through a screen reflection teaches her (of) new thngs/matters.