Yugoslav Film Archive, Uzun Mirkova 1, Multimedial hall, II floor

Novembar 5th, 17:00

Peter Kinoy – USA


Editing Human Rights Films


Peter Kinoy is an American documentary filmmaker and film editor. Over a thirty year career he has developed a unique approach to visual storytelling that combines a deep empathy for human plight with a desire to explain, educate and point paths forward. He produced and edited When the Mountains Tremble, the prequel to Granito about a revolutionary movement in Guatemala that won a Special Jury Prize at the first Sundance Film Festival.

He co-wrote the 1986 documentary Witness to Apartheid, which was nominated for an Academy Award, with Sharon I. Sopher, the film’s producer and director.


What is The Resistance Saga Trilogy?

The Resistance Saga Trilogy, directed by Pamela Yates, is a cinematic event that tells the epic story of the Guatemalan Resistance from the Mayan perspective. In so many ways, indigenous people throughout the Americas have set the example of long-term courageous and strategic resistance. This year, the audience of the Free Zone film festival will get the chance to watch the entire saga chronicling their fight, that consists of three films: When the Mountains Trembles, Granito and 500 years. The screening of these films has been scheduled for Satrday the 4th of November at 15:30 at Art cinema Kolarac. With short breaks between films, the audience will be lead through the Resistance Saga and will then have their questions answered after the screening of the third and final film.

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