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Movies the audience showed great interest in: Films of Free Zone Film Festival called for an encore

Those movies which drew the audience’s attention during the 12th Free Zone Film Festival will be screened at the already known time on the 16th of November in the Cultural Centre of Belgrade Movie Theatre:

Endless Poetry at 5pm,

Fire at Sea at 7pm and

The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble at 9pm!

Endless Poetry, an autobiographical piece by one of the most adored Latin American directors Alejandro Jodorowsky, tells a story about life, through touching and visually-striking techniques, affecting even those viewers who weren’t familiar with his work. The movie follows the twenty-year-old Jodorowsky who decides to become a poet, against the wishes of his family. Having been introduced to the inner circle of creative and intellectual avant-garde of the time, he meets a lot of young writers who would become the masters of Latin America’s contemporary literature. Totally immersed in this world of poetic experimentation, they dare to live sensually, authentically, freely, madly.

The winner of this year’s 66th Berlin Film Festival, an Italian documentary Fire at Sea, directed by     Gianfranco Rosi, lifts the veil on the biggest tragedy in modern history since the Holocaust and reveals the human face of the current refugee crisis. The film is set on the Italian island of Lampedusa, which became the metaphor of the most massive and deadly transit of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children to Europe in the 90s.

The movie which was readily accepted and met with standing ovation at the sold-out screening during the festival, The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble by Morgan Neville, tells the extraordinary story of the renowned international musical collective created by legendary cellist Yo-Yo Ma. The documentary follows the group of diverse instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, arrangers, visual artists and storytellers as they explore the power of music to preserve tradition, shape cultural evolution and inspire hope.

At 3 pm of the same day, Free Zone Film Festival and the Hemofarm Foundation will arrange a premiere of the documentary The Most Important Call in Life by the author Danica Vučenić and director Mateja Rackov. At the centre of this film are life, thoughts, and the problems of those people who are on the waiting list for organ transplantation, expecting their most important call in life.

More than 20 000 people have visited Free Zone Film Festival during six days in Belgrade, Niš and Novi Sad. The loyal audience of this festival has once again proven their passion for films, their need to constantly broaden their horizons and pose questions which are often left unsaid, intruding into stories which are easily forgotten under the pressure of everyday life. Free Zone Film Festival, having entered its four-year festival cycle, stays true to focusing on the quality when it comes to choosing the contemporary socially engaging documentaries and feature films from all over the world.  The five best films, which have been chosen by the audience, will be screened during the Free Zone Tour in more than 50 cities in Serbia over the spring.