The Others

The Others (doc.)

Friday, 3.11. 15h, Cultural center of Belgrade
Monday, 6.11. 16h, Youth center of Belgrade

Director: Ayse Polat
Country: Turkey, Germany
Year: 2016
Runtime: 68’
Language: Kurdish, Turkish
Cast: Ali Sulmaz, Yusuf Sinan, Salih Bayar, Resat Arslan, Ender Sipal, Enver Ertas

Production: Perofilm, PunktPunktPunkt Film production
Distribution: Taskovski Films

International selection

The Kurdish province Van is famous for its unique cats, which are the cultural symbol of the Kurds, Turks and the Armenians. Van was the historical home of the Armenians until 1915 – the year of the genocide. Nowadays all that remains are the ruins of countless churches and a small number of inhabitants with Armenian roots, though most of them are scared to admit this. The 34-year-old Ali speaks openly about his Armenian grandmother Piroze. He accompanies us through the world of the residents, one that is filled with taboos, distrust and fear.

Director’s biography
Ayse Polat was born into a Kurdish-Alevite family in Malatya/ Turkey in 1970. At the age of seven, she came to Germany and grew up in Hamburg, where she completed her university qualifying examinations. Polat’s first full-length feature film was Auslandstournee in 2000; after its premiere in Karlovy Vary. Polat’s second feature film En Garde was premiered in the Locarno competition in 2004, where it won the Silver Leopard for the second best film in the competition as well as an award for the Best Actress. In 2008 Polat moved from Hamburg to Berlin, where she founded her own production company PunktPunktPunkt Filmproduktion.

Festivals and awards:
Istanbul Film Festival, 2017
DOK Leipzig, 2016
Cineblend Festival, Amsterdam, 2017
ASN Worl Convention, 2017