Red Dog: True Blue

Red Dog: True Blue (fic.)

Saturday, 4. 11. 14h, Cultural center of Belgrade

Director: Kriv Stenders
Country: Australia
Year: 2016
Runtime: 88’
Language: English
Cast: Jason Isaacs, Levi Miller, Bryan Brown, Hanna Mangan Lawrence, Thomas Cocquerel

Production: Woss Group Film Productions
Distribution: Five Stars Film Distribution

Selection 14+

When eleven year old Mick is shipped off to his grandfather’s cattle station in the remote Pilbara region of Western Australia, he prepares himself for a life of dull hardship, but instead finds myth, adventure and a friendship with a scrappy, one-of-a-kind dog that will change his life forever.

Director’s biography
Kriv Stenders is one of Australia’s most renowned and respected film directors with numerous critically acclaimed and award winning shorts, documentaries, music videos, television commercials and feature films to his credit. His feature films include BLACKTOWN, THE ILLUSTRATED FAMILY DOCTOR, BOXING DAY and LUCKY COUNTRY.

Festivals and awards
Australian Film Critics Association Awards, 2017
Berlin International Film Festival, 2017
Pula Film Festival, 2017
Sundance Film Festival ,2017
Toronto International Film Festival, 2017