500 years

500 Years (doc.)

Saturday, 4. 11. 19:30h, Art cinema Kolarac

Director: Pamela Yates
Editor: Peter Kinoy
Country: Guatemala
Year: 2017
Runtime: 108’
Language/Jezi: Spanish
Cast: Irma Alicia Velásquez Nimatuj, Matilde Terraza Gallego, Daniel Pascual Hernández

Production: Skylight Production
Distribution:  Skylight Production
Website: 500years.skylight.is

International selection
Master Class: Peter Kinoy

500 Years tells the epic story that led Guatemala to a tipping point in their history from the genocide trial of former dictator General Rios Montt to the popular movement that toppled sitting President Otto Perez Molina. Focusing on universal themes of justice, racism, power and corruption, 500 Years tells the story from the perspective of the majority indigenous Mayan population, and their struggles in their country’s growing fight against impunity .

Director’s biography
Director Pamela Yates has a long history of collaborating with Mayans to help tell their story of resistance and drawing universal lessons from the saga. And now it has intensified. From her 1983 classic political documentary When the Mountains Tremble through to the building of the genocide trial against former President Ríos Montt as told in the 2011 film Granito: How to Nail a Dictator, and on to the present massive uprising of indigenous people for change, she has never seen an outpouring of protest of this magnitude in Guatemala.

Festivals and awards :
Traverse City Film Festival, 2017
Human Rights Watch Film Festival, London, 2017
Seattle international Film Festival, 2017
Sundance Film Festival, 2017
International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights, Geneva, 2018